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Communications and consultation

Communication is a two-way process which establishes a foundation for good stakeholder relations throughout the life of a hydropower project.

This involves dialogue and consultation between a hydropower developer, operator and owner, contractors, affected communities and catchment residents, local and central government, institutions and other partners.

Stakeholder engagement should be inclusive and participatory. Information provided should be thorough and timely, allowing for feedback and a response.

This should take into account the needs of vulnerable social groups, cultural norms, gender, logistical constraints and local literacy levels.

The International Hydropower Association (IHA) showcases good practice in hydropower communications and consultation. We seek to build and share knowledge with members, partners and broader communities on this topic.

The Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol addresses the importance of communications and consultation to every hydropower project. It helps to track and improve project performance from the early stage, and preparation, to implementation and operations.



Join the network

If you are an IHA member, you can join our Communications Knowledge Network. The network is for those engaged in both stakeholder engagement and corporate communications.

The network aims to allow members to exchange experiences and best practices in hydropower communications. 


Hydropower Pro

IHA members can access the knowledge network in Hydropower Pro, our online member community.

In the online group, network members can connect with each other, exchange experiences and access essential resources, briefings and case studies.


Contact us

For any questions, or if you have a case study or blog article to contribute, please contact IHA Head of Communications Will Henley at

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